Nuka Molotov

Thrown bottle with voltile liquid

weapon (ranged)

range: thrown
Damage: 3d6 straight line template.
1 in 6 six changes for victims to be caught on fire. (see fire in the hazard section of the SW explorers edition.)


A Wasteland version of the infamous Molotov Cocktail, invented by the Russian General Von Molotov during the second world war.

empty nuka-cola bottle
1/3 gasoline
1/3 Styrofoam
1/3 petroleum
piece of cloth

Much used by raiders, a glass bottle filled with gasoline, stuffed with a soaked rag, to be thrown at enemies. Slightly dangerous, since it can be dropped or explode in your hand.

The glass will shatter in a fiery explosion, and the burning Styrofoam will stick to your body.

A more dangerous version can be made from Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles, that cause radiation burns to it’s victim.

The normal version requires a science check at difficulty 4 to build.
The Quantum version requires a science check at difficulty 6 to build.

Nuka Molotov

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