house rules

Savage Fallout conversion; here

Humans Only – No player characters can be different races. Humans don’t get any bonus edges. Players can get turned into ghouls by radiation. The keep their old skills and perks. The gain the ghoul abilities an can now pick ghould perks when leveling up.
Low powered - all players start with the young hindrance and gain the commonbond edge.
poor – You don’t start with any starting funds, instead you draw a card from the equipment deck, to determine what gear you scavenged at the beginning of the game.|
psionics the player can have limited psionic powers, as per the ‘beyond the veil suplement.’

Non-magic magical skills are not available

strength spirit vigor smarts agility
climbinG persuasion survival science small arms
athletics barter repair big gunS
streetwise taunt energy weapons
gambling medicine explosives
intimidation driving throwing
psionics lock picking

house rules

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