Los Angeles, or the LA Boneyard
- Called the Boneyard because of the skeletal skyscrapers still standing in the ruins of this once huge city, Los Angeles houses gunrunners, gangs, and various people with delusions of grandeur. The largest concentration of people live in a “suburb” called Adytum, controlled by a police force called The Regulators. Some parts of the Boneyard are controlled by deathclaws, an intelligent species of giant mutant lizard. All told, perhaps 30,000 people call the Boneyard home, including a religious sect called the Followers, who live in the ruins of the main branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. a cathedral constructed by a group called the Children of the Master after the war, lie south of town. In general, radiation levels are low here, except around the cathedral ruins, where it can get quite high. The Boneyard is an official member of the New California Republic (NCR), but police have been unsuccessful in stopping gang warfare and deathclaw threats, partially because the population is spread over such a large area.

Venice Beach – The ritz
The ritz is a relative intact hotel building at the venice beach marina. It now houses the venice tribe. A small group of surivors, drawn together. Living of stalking and fishing.

Del Rey lagoon
Natural habitat of the dreaded mire lurkers.

Los Angeles National airport
One of the most dangerous, but also most profitable, stalker zones. It’s rumoured to have an unopened armoury. It was commandereed by the US army, during the short final war, and was used as a base for nuclear payloar aircraft. The middle of the run way is higly radiated. And feral ghouls and glowing ones roam the concrete. The area is higly fenced of, and the main building protected by mister gutsy’s and auto turrets.

Santa monica
Dead zone. This is where the term the boneyard comes from. Strech after strech of mile long steel and concrete skeletons. Only the foundations of housings remaining, sticking out of the earth, like a boneyard.

Topanga state park
wild area. This is where many hunters come. most mutated wild beast live here. In the middle is the Santa Ynez community.
The huge forest up north is Deathclaw territory, few have returned from there.

Santa Ynez
A small village in the middle of Topanga State Park, heavly guarded, and unfriendly to strangers. Offers temporary refuge to hunters, and trades with them. Well guarded. Santa Ynez got rich of the Santa Ynez Water facility. Trading clear water with the poor scorched deadlands, under the name of the Snata Ynez Water company. Owners of 2 hydro powered water trucks for transportation.

The white lodge
Old victorian mansion on the edge of Topanga State Park. Its in use as a brothel, bar and lodging for travelling hunters, going into the state park. There’s a shop buying animal skins and meat and sells ammo and hunting gear. There’s a lively triangle trade between the Del Rey water merchants, the white lodge, and the gun runners. Jealously watched by the NCR.
Characters in this location;
Berwin. Old retired hunter who runs the place. A burly, eye patched, man who runs his personal with an iron fist. He’s master of the kitchen and the commonfloor. There’s a old sawed off shotgun hanging from his belt, to settle any argument. He keeps an old mangy Yao Gai female in a large cage under the stair well, threatening Troublesome customers to feed them to it.
Guila, old maid with italian accent and long greyed hair. Wife of Berwin. She runs the girls from the brothel and keeps the finance.
Joran, helpd Guila with the bookkeeping and runs the shop. Cunning trader. Owns a computer with files on everyone who comes through the white lodge.

los angeles national forest
devestated by a forest fire. a perfect still dead zone. no predators, but also no food or water. only scorched ashes. The fire got started by a crashed vertibird, and it’s remains, including some powerful weapons, and a BoS powerarmour can be found there.

relative safe, but small area. Fenced of with barbed wire, concrete blocks and platings. It houses a number of small merchants and a merchenary company that protects the premise. Most trade and wanderers come in from the relative intact interstate 5 highway.

interstate 10
most used route from Venice beach to downtown.

MGM studios
perfect place to scavenge prop weapons and leather jackets. Also houses a small trailer park encampment of a raider gang, the Lions, know for it’s most outlandish costumes, and use of fireworks to obfuscate the enemies sight in combat.

the beach
perfect place for catching some skin scorching burns, or to step on a forgotten land mine. The dunes around the mines are the home of a few loose gangs, who hunt prey on 4 wheeled sand buggies.

The Cathedral
in torrence, just of interstate 10. Cathedral of the followers of the apocalypse.


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