Travel to Adytum

The roads are smashed, the terrain is dangerous, and the going is slow. According to Martha travelling will take at least four days time. The first day the small company will travel, if they’re smart straight up north, across the border of The Boneyard, past ravaged housings towards the ramp up to Highway 10. There are plenty of houses that still have one or two semi intact rooms, or even a underground storm shelter hatch in the back-garden. (search dif4) Whatever house they find themselves in they will find some blanco mac and cheese and a few tins of beans with a survival (4) roll. They will be ambushed by a group of wanderers in they early morning. They have made their home there, and noticed the players the previous night. As soon as the players leave the building they will be stopped and questioned. The men are unfriendly, but not openly hostile. If they parley goes courteous the men will introduce themselves, their leader is called Content Not Found: alfonso. And he has been running this group for a while. His second in command is a burly women named Farla. They offer to trade, and a curious about the players homebase. If they players tell them, they will have been there and set up a small trade with the community. They are looking for energy cells and gasoline and have ammunition and water for trade. If they are provoked the will attack. use the Raiders stats. two have hunting rifles, with 4 clips each and have set up on a opposing balcony. Farla wields a chainsaw and attacks vigorously. (see character description for stats.) the rest of the group has a varied assortment of improvised melee weapons, and one has a Nuka Molotov that he will use at the beginning of the attack.

During the next day the players will encounter the freeway ramp. Cars are stacked up at the entrance and a left behind camp is made in between it. The raiders that obviously made it no where to be seen. Among the rubble Wild Dogs sniff and scurry around looking for food and scraps. they attack if provoked. The raiders left behind a box with some medical supplies, a case of beer and 4 bottles of moon-shined liquor, of undetermined type. Brown and strong like paint thinner. Climbing over the cars requires a successful athletics roll. A failed roll means some mean scraps and bruises, or a sprained ankle giving 1 exhaustion to the unfortunate mountaineer.

From the top of the freeway there’s a good view of the outlying lands, during the blistering hot day they will see signs of life here and there in the distance. A group of slavers escorting a few unlucky souls, a gang of raiders cruising on a few motorbikes. At a certain point the deck of the road is so bad that they have to clamber across a chasm, holding on to a rusted railing. A mistake could mean certain death, make this clear before they start climbing. The rail is metal and hot in the sun, any player starting to climb without gloves or bands wrapped around his hands must make a athletics or tumble down.

there’s little else to be found on the highway, and by the evening the road gets so bad that travel across it becomes more and more dangerous. Fortunately there’s a safety stairwell down, that is still intact.

Back on the street the players are in a small former community center. There’s a rail station [[…railstation]] to go to, a former public library Arlington Library, an old cinema complex Ray’s Hollywood Cinemegaplex or a random house to be crawled into.

Travel to Adytum

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